Certificate of Excellence 2017

Closed as at 31st March 2018.    

Our location at 171 St Asaph Street has not been as successful as we had hoped, therefore we have closed. The Container is now for sale while we decide what our next adventure will be. Should you or anyone you might know be interested in purchasing this very versatile fully contained commercial kitchen in a container please call Darren on +64(0)275773331 or email on fabrid@msn.com 

I will focus now all of my energy for the coming months on Home dining, corporate and private catering functions...Daz's background as a Private Chef to Billionaires makes him the perfect choice!  Hope to hear from you soon : ) 

Catering and In-Home Dining

Whether you want help for your next dinner party, family get together or just have a few friends coming over and want an extra special salad. Daz is happy tailor options just for you.