Chef to billionaires and over the last two years good ol’ Cantabrians, Daz is bringing his global food knowledge to the Christchurch catering scene.

Why not look at bringing some of renowned flavours and yummy food from “Home” home : ) 

Daz will cater for your office, family, a business presentation or a birthday or even some pre-prepared meals to save you the effort. 

We have some ideas for you below but it's more fun creating and personalising each event.

Call or email and Daz will get back to you with a list of suggestions and a price. Give us a budget and Daz can get as simple or elaborate as required.

Think Outside the Box: Why not get a few friends together and put in a request "off menu" for lunch (or dinner) if you're close by & it's $100 minimum we can deliver to you or in this gorgeous weather you can collect and just take it straight to the river banks and go alfresco. 

Home Catering Suggestions

Korean BBQ Chicken on sticks

Chicken Satay with satay sauce

Thai Fish Cakes with Thai sweet chilli sauce

Spanish pork and fennel balls in tomato sauce.

Turkish borek cheese cigars with Minted Yoghurt

Vietnamese rice paper rolls (vegetarian or prawn) with Thai sweet chilli

Slow Cooked Lamb or Beef Cheek mini Pies

Pork and Fennel Sausage Rolls

Puff Pastry bites with Basil mozzarella and Tomato

Vegetarian or Pork Perogi (polish mini puff pastry parcels) 

Salmon and Cream cheese blinis

Salmon, spinach and cream cheese swirls

Italian Bruschetta

Indian Samosas with tamarind, coriander and mint dip

Guac, salsa  and chips; Hummus and pita chips with other dips. Platters; cold meats, cheese and olives etc... 

We can also do a taco or slider stand offering personalised options for everyone 

Sharing salads of varying types

Roasted vegetables with Quinoa and Feta

Rice Salads

Pasta Salads (can be GF)

Asian Style Salads

Fresh Green Garden salads

Hot Sharing Suggestions

Slow Cooked Lamb Moroccan Style

Mojo Pork

Roast Chickens

Family size Quiche’s all flavours

Indian Curries

Thai Curries

Mediterranean Pasta Bakes

Carved ham and fresh rolls for the end of the evening to soak up the celebration juices : ) 

Dessert Options

Spanish Churros GF with choc or caramel dipping sauce

Profiteroles with salted caramel custard

Tropical Fruit sticks

Custard Cups (Portuguese pastel de nata)

Everything can be hand crafted for your requirments and prices start at $20 per person depending on the size of the party - (minimum order $500 for Chef to be present and help with plating and serving)

We can hire platters and cutlery and crockery for parties of 20 to 40 people.

In home dining of 3 to 5 courses start at $50 per person and depend on size (minimum $500 order)

We can also arrange breakfast lunch and dinner Collections starting from $50 a day or individual meals starting from $20 with menu designed for you.

Some of Daz's past creations.